Our weather is remarkable given two main reasons, its strong winds and its unpredictability. It is rather difficult to recommend a best time of the year to plan your visit to El Chalten, since every season might behave completely different than the previous one, making it impossible to forsee a “good weather” moment to recommend for your visit, so be aware that it has a lot to do with luck.

Anyway the end of spring, the summer and the beginning of fall is the time when most visits are registered, the days become specially long, due to our proximity to the south pole in contrast with short hours of light during winter day. In Summer there is light from 5 am to 11 pm, this gives you  plenty of time for trekking and outdoors activities in general.

Notice: Days begin to get longer Mid-November, when there is day light until 9-9.30 pm.

Fall (end of March, April, May) having shorter days is still a good option since the trees loose their leaves and get redish and yellowish colors in a beautiful Watercolor difficult to believe.

The Nothofagus, the typical patagonian trees turn all kind of yellows, reds and orange. A truly beautiful landscape, begin the Nothofagus decidous, a term for trees that loose all leaves in winter season prior a gradual and intense change of colouring in them takes place. Also the town is calmer with less tourism, even though might there be some little less commercial activity, it ends up being more relaxed and maybe more enjoyable.

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