Remember that

  • As from February 2009 we have two ATMs in el chalten, regretfully not very reliable since in frequent ocassions they might be out of service or run out of cash! Bring enough cash to forsee all your expenses in El Chalten since most places do not take credit card. We have now a Bank branch (open from November until March) that might change dollars or Euros for you only in their openning hours from 8 to 1  pm
  • From Oct 2015 we have mobile phone signal from Movistar and Personal but not Claro company.
  • There are not many option to cater yourself (groceries, tolleteries and others) and also everything is less varied, a bit more expensive than in a big city so if it is advisable to bring those essentials to make your stay more comfortable. Purchase them prior to your arrival in El Chalten.
  • The gas station is not open 24 hs so plan your travel according to this restrictions.
  • The internet connection available in El Chalten is satellite and for this reason  slower and less reliable than the ones you might be used to so please be patient and wait to load your next YouTube when you at your next destination!
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