Getting ready for travelling

It is convenient to learn beforehand about the place we will be visiting; when so we will experience it to its most.

Let us stop to think about what we will, so we can be as self-sufficient as possible. A first-aid kit, for example will come on handy.

We should fit into nature and not think that nature should fit us.

In place we are not familiar with, and do not know very well, let´s not get into dangerous endevours (such as crossing a river, going up a steep rocky hill, driving and unknown road, etc) at least of all, during the night. If we are to find a car parked in the middle of the road, we should stop to check if people need help. This is very important and a tradition throughout Patagonia.

If we have books we do not read, you can give them away to a small school in the countryside. The students and the teachers will be thankful.

If we come greet a “puestero” –a lonely gaucho in a small stancia´s taking care of cattle-. If they were to invite us to “mates” –a typical warm drink from a squash- do not refuse it, unwantly we might heart theirs feelings by rejecting their hospitality.

Talk to the Park rangers. They probably have a lot to tell and teach you about.

Camping sites in protected areas are excellent places for spotting wild fauna. There, animals tend to be trustier, since they know there is food and nobody hurts them.

Be sure to light a fire only in authorized places and only when necessary. Put the fire out with plenty of water. It is the only way to prevent fires.

Let´s leave our garbage in the designated places for that porpouse and if we do not find them keep them with you until you do.

Do not pick up flower or plants as travelling souvenirs. In most places it is forbidden and they are unlikely to survive long. There is nothing like a vividly picture in our minds or in a nice photo.

We may pick up seed in the side of the road or trek (not in a National Park though) to plant them later in our garden. There is nothing like an exotic garden back home!

We will never get to know all, but with time and dedication, we may learn more.

Let´s Nature follow its way as if we were not there.

Let´s prevent other from spoiling Nature by setting the example.

Let´s leave everything just as we found it or even better.

Keeping a travel diary may be very rewarding.

Let´s go out to nature with a humble spirit and come back home fulfilled.

Do not make promised we won´t keep (we often here: “Oh I will send you a copy of the picture” and the “puestero” will wait your letter forever and ever).

A nature lover is considerated to it and to other people.

We should have common sense and a kind heart: is fundamental.

Have a nice trip.

By Claudio Bertonatti

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