Clothing and gear

We recommend preparing your clothing for a constantly changing weather.

All of you who are used to ourdoor activities (more specifically trekking!) will know what to expect, even though this list may come in handy.

Is for all of you who are not used to trekking that we give more details or information on how to dress and what fabrics “work” better.

It is always best to dress like an onion, meaning to wear many layers, and also you should choce lighter clothes or fabrics (mountain gear is usually light and packable), in the end you might take off and put on while trekking and it is better to bear this in  mind backpack-weightwise (remember always to put at the bottom of the heavier stuff and on top what you will more likely be needing frequently: rain jacket, gloves, etc).

Gear list for a  day hike

  • Wind stopper
  • Rain Jacket (a light jacket will do)
  • Cap and wool hut (to cover you ears. Ears and feet is where our body looses and gain a lot of temperature, due to the lack of adipose tissue, the one and only place we cannot get fat, hurray!!!)
  • Sunglasses
  • Comfortable and preferable well used trekking shoes or boots (do not try on new boots for your long trekking day!)
  • Light Polar-tec sweatshirt or first layer
  • Warm Jacket (thick Polar-tec sweatshirt, Down-or synthetic fabric light Jacket)
    Trekking pants (comfortable and light, if they would get wet, they will dry faster, leave jeans for you night out!)
  • Synthetic T-shirts (these will dry the sweat faster than the cotton ones, we are aware that their long use perfume are not a friend-magnet but they are usefull for trekking purpouse)
  • Synthetic long-sleeve under-vest (or a light warm vest)
  • Small back-pack (10 – 30 lts)
  • Strong plastic bag: to linen all the contests inside and protect them from eventual rain fall. Forget the backpack covers, they will be literally ripped off your back-pack by the wind and they do not prevent your belongings from getting wet.
  • Water bottle to be refilled along the way (good news, yes you can replenish your water from every river of water stream it is drinkable so do not have to carry big and heavy quantities of water for the whole day. Lucky we, the water on the creeks and river is pure and perfectly healthy to drink, to keep it this way, please remember to be at least 20 meters away from the any water source for peeing and washing pots and dishes and 100 meters to perform you other body functions). Here are a few items that fits to your likings and are very useful. In case you do not have them you can rent them in town.
  • Walking or trekking poles (they are very useful, take care of your knees, specially coming down and make the trekking exercise more complete).
    Light rain pants (packable and comfortable). Do not forget you are in Patagonia: you can have the four seasons in one day but twice!!
  • Gloves (specially if you are planning on going to a hike on the glacier!)}

This is merely to give you an idea or what gear is good to carry with you in this sort of outings. We hope you find it useful.

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