Cabins Rates

As a result of our experience in the wide range of your needs as a traveler, we can now proudly offer brand new cabins with the same coziness and service high-standards of our posada. Inlandsis apart or  houses are independent fully equipped cabins for expeditions up to six members!.

All of them are outfitted with brand new sommiers and surprising level of comfort and usefulness to feel like “you are living in El Chalten” as a different way to experience your visit to this lovely town in Patagonia.


 Mid Season
dde 10/10/18 through 15/12/18
High Season
dde 16/12/18 al 15/03/19
y Easter holidays
Autumn Season
16/03/19 al 17/04/19
(except Easter Holidays)*
Cabin for 2 paxAr$ 2.500.-Ar$ 2.900.-Ar$ 2.650
Cabin for 3 paxAr$ 3.250.-Ar$ 3.700.-Ar$ 3.300
Cabin for 4 paxAr$ 3.250.-Ar$ 3.700.-Ar$ 3.300
Cabin for 5 paxAr$ 3.700.-Ar$ 4.200.-Ar$ 3.800
Cabin for 6 paxAr$ 4.100.-Ar$ 4.700.-Ar$ 4.200
    * Eastern Holidays:  18/04/19 al 21-04-19
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